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It’s this natural function of selective hearing that keeps us from absorbing everything and losing our minds. And even if you are focused on one person’s speech, you’ll likely miss all the little sounds and inflections they involuntarily insert in between their words, the little “Mmms” and “Hmms” that don’t quite mean anything but are still part of speech

SFMOMA and the Creators Project released this latest video, performed at the museum earlier this month. In the video, Newsome used a variety of different performers to create a sound installation of the “everyday vernacular noises and voices” we hear on the street everyday. Like always, it’s brilliant and brilliantly performed. I love Newsome’s ability to capture the aspects of our day-to-day experiences that we typically identify as non-important or inconsequential to how we experience the world. 

(Source: thecreatorsproject.com)

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